What is a Telco Cable Search?

10+ years

The Telco Cable Search will identify if copper or Optic Fibre telecommunication cables run underneath a property. It will also identify any non standard installation which may become a problem for the buyer. Cables passing through a property can pose some serious problems for the property owner or developer if damaged. A search of all known communication carriers is conducted for properties within Australia. The search will enable the property buyer to make an informed decision on their purchase.

Please note: Telco Cable Searches is not a conveyancer nor does it intend to act as such. Telco Cable Searches is a plan interpretation service which informs you/your client of potential risks within the property boundary. Please note the plans supplied are only valid for a period of 30 days from date of letter. This report is based on the information supplied from the carriers which is current at time of request.

Why conduct a Telco Cable Search?

Many Australian properties have non standard installation or hidden underground cables.

Could this be your property?


Financially crippling damage costs and;
Being landlocked with an unusable property.

Hidden underground communication cables devalue property.
How do Telecommunications Cables devalue a property?

Existing cables can not be obstructed, If cables lie underground on the property it may affect:

  • Where a new home or commercial building is built,
  • Pool construction,
  • Home extensions,
  • Driveways,
  • Fencing and;
  • Landscaping.

In addition to limiting usability of the land/ property if cables are damaged the carrier will seek recovery of costs in the form of:

  • Fines
  • Time spent repairing the network
  • Materials required to repair
  • Businesses affected by loss of service will sue the carrier and the carrier will on-sue to recover these costs.

The damage bill could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars !
Make an informed decision– conduct a Telco Cable Search !

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