Who should undertake this search?

Various property professionals within the various sectors of property including:

  • agents and potential property buyers and owners,
  • residential and commercial property valuers,
  • property advisers,
  • property lawyers,
  • property developers and;
  • those approving bank loans for property within the finance lending sectors

Can I search anywhere in Australia?

Yes, this search is available Australia-wide and identifies telecommunication cables from all known carriers such as Telstra, Optus, UEComm, AAPT and PowerTel and a number of other providers. The information contained in the search result will only be as accurate as the information kept by the relevant companies/providers.

Note: Power cables won’t appear in the search result; an independent search(s) should be completed to identify their location.

How long will the search take to complete?

The search is usually completed within 3-5 business days and is returned to the nominated email address. However some searches may take longer to complete for instance, properties that are in remote locations etc.

What is the cost to complete a Telco Search?

Please contact your usual search provider such as Citec, GlobalX, InfoTrack, Dye and Durham for up to date costs.

What information do I need to supply for the search?

  • Unit/Street Number, Street name, Suburb, State, Postcode of the search site
  • Lot/Plan
  • Date of Settlement
  • Council Area
  • Your contact details including: name, address, telephone number and email

How do I list multiple lots?

Please submit a Telco Cable Search order for each and every Lot on Plan you require when ordering via your preferred search provider (Citec, GlobalX, InfoTrack, Dye and Durham).

I need assistance understanding some of the terms within the report who can assist me?

For explanations of terms or concepts used in the Telco Cable Search, please contact Telco Cable Searches, we will be happy to assist you.

Wouldn’t a title Search identify if there were any Easements on a property?

Yes, a title search does identify easements such as a right of passage over a neighbour’s land or waterway. However, easements aren’t required for telecommunication cables and therefore they will not appear on a title search. Cables are hidden underground and without a cable search how would you know they existed?

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